Climbing The Ladder of Reading & Writing: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners Professional Development Book

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Teaching reading and writing is more important than ever and schools and parents have ever-rising expectations. Climbing the Ladder of Reading & Writing gives you a concise yet powerful overview of ways to address the challenges you face, leverage the science of reading, and improve outcomes for ALL students. Nancy Young and Jan Hasbrouck help you make sense of contemporary instruction with a guided tour of Nancy’s popular infographic: The Ladder of Reading & Writing.

You’ll meet today’s challenges:

  • Connect the science of reading to your teaching
  • Increase your understanding of each student’s needs
  • Streamline planning and instruction
  • Differentiate instruction with confidence

Join the tens of thousands of teachers who have already used The Ladder of Reading & Writing infographic as a tool for focusing instruction to address the needs of all readers and writers.

Published in 2024. ISBN: 978-1-6677-6365-1.