Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction: Connecting Assessments to Effective Interventions Second Edition

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by Susan M. Smartt, Ph.D and Deborah R. Glaser, Ed.D.

After a universal screening assessment, how can K–6 educators translate the results into evidence-based instruction, targeted interventions, and improved reading outcomes? The timely new edition of this bestselling book has clear and practical answers. Fully updated with the latest reading research and models, this teacher-friendly planning guide matches the items of today’s most popular reading assessments with Tiers 1, 2, and 3 interventions, strategies, and activities that help struggling readers succeed.

Aligned with the science of reading and extensively field tested, this guidebook is built around the National Reading Panel’s big five ideas: phoneme awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Teachers will get a concise introduction to each component, assessment options for each, specific strategies for connecting assessment findings to lesson planning, and dozens of practice activities to incorporate into small-group and whole-group instruction. Packed with strategies, scenarios, and planning worksheets, this book helps classroom teachers and reading specialists take action after assessments, make data-driven decisions, and plan differentiated instruction that makes a real difference for struggling readers.


  • New focus on today’s most widely used assessments: DIBELS 8th Edition, Acadience Reading K-6, easyCBM, and aimswebPlus
  • Convenient charts with clear summaries of the assessments
  • 90+ new and updated activities specially designed for use with struggling readers during whole-class or small-group instruction
  • Practical guidance on implementing instruction and intervention within MTSS
  • Explicit connections to the science of reading, Structured Literacy, Scarborough’s Reading Rope, and Ehri’s phases of word reading development
  • New online materials: a quick-reference Assessment Guide, a handy online resources list, and 20+ pages of downloadable worksheets, planning guides, and templates for classroom use

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Publisher: Brookes
Language: English
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68125-622-1

Publication date: September 27, 2023

Editorial Reviews

Stephanie A. Stollar, Founder of the Reading Science Academy:
Valuable revisions include additional instructional activities to teach and practice the essential early literacy skills, expanded information on the reading brain, and connections between assessment and instruction. Positioning assessment and instruction in the MTSS framework offers teachers and school leaders a practical way to leverage the science of reading for reading improvement. In addition to supporting classroom teachers and reading specialists, educators will find Next STEPS useful for staff development and for training pre-service teachers.

Louise Spear-Swerling, Professor Emerita, Southern Connecticut State University:
Very well-grounded in scientific evidence about effective reading practices, this book is loaded with practical detail about how to use assessment to plan instruction, with many specific tests, instructional activities, and lesson plans, including downloadable materials for classroom use. This text will be an invaluable resource for elementary teachers of reading.

About the Authors

Susan M. Smartt, Ph.D. As a senior research associate at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Smartt engaged in research, writing, and teaching focused on improving teacher preparation in reading. Previously, she was a national literacy consultant with state departments, teacher preparation programs, and local school districts. Her work focused on facilitating school reform, implementing, reading intervention for low-performing schools, using data to inform practice, developing Response to Intervention initiatives, and implementing scientifically based literacy programs.

Dr. Smartt owned and directed a reading clinic for more than 20 years in which she provided comprehensive psychoeducational assessments, dyslexia evaluations, and tutoring services. She has been a classroom teacher, a reading coach, a reading specialist, and a principal. She was an early contributor to the development of LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) (Moats & Tolman, 2017) and past president of the Tennessee branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Her publications include journal articles, edited volumes, and books on research-based reading intervention and policy initiatives, including Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction: Connecting Assessments to Effective Interventions (Smartt & Glaser, 2010). Currently, Dr. Smartt tutors and provides advocacy services for students with dyslexia.

Dr. Deborah R. Glaser is a consultant, author, and teacher educator beloved for enriching teachers’ knowledge of reading and for her proven instructional methods. Following her teaching career, she directed the educational arm of a non-profit dyslexia learning center where she developed programs to teach teachers and students.

She was an original National LETRS Trainer, is a policy advisor to the National Council on Teacher Quality, and regularly contributes to the evaluation of university programs that prepare our teachers to teach reading. Dr. Glaser is author and co-author of five books. Her most recent contributions to the field are Next STEPS, Second Edition; Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Teach Morphological Awareness; Morphemes for Little Ones: Bringing the Magic of Language to K-3 Classrooms; and the online reading course The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools: Instruction that Makes a Difference, now hosted by 95% Group.