Fox Kid Small Group Pack Stages 1-6: Set of 5

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This small group book pack includes 5 copies of each decodable chapter book from Fox Kid series.

Fox Kid is a new series of decodable chapter books specifically designed for struggling readers who’ve ‘missed the boat’ in the early years of school. The series also includes companion reading and writing workbooks and card games. Each title cumulatively builds reading skills, following the tried and tested Little Learners Love Literacy® 7-stage explicit teaching sequence.

Dan is an ordinary kid – he hangs with his big sister Mac, he raises his eyebrow A LOT, and is obsessed with basketball. But when a fox wees in a bin in Dan’s backyard, something strange happens … Dan accidentally walks in the mess and is lit up by a chemical reaction! He becomes Fox Kid – part kid, part fox! He can do mega-yaps, has super sniffing skills, and can send out bugs. Dan must learn how to be fox-tastic by balancing his new powers, fame (and ego!), with his love of basketball and his superhero responsibilities so he can take care of his hometown, Velvet Hills. Along the way, he assembles a crack team of heroes, but will they be enough to defeat the biggest baddies yet – the Skull Twins?