Keys to Beginning Reading

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by Joan Sedita

The training manual for Keys to Beginning Reading is organized into 9 chapters that align to the 9 core modules in the professional development course. Training content, classroom activities, charts, words lists and more make this manual a long-term resource for teaching beginning reading.

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Publisher: Keys to Literacy
Language: English
Combination soft and hard cover, spiral bound, 460 pages.

About the Author

Joan Sedita is the founder of Keys to Literacy, a literacy professional development organization. Joan has been in the literacy field for over 40 years as a teacher, administrator, and teacher trainer. Joan is the creator of "The Writing Rope" framework for explicit instruction of writing. She has authored multiple literacy professional development programs, including The Key Comprehension Routine, The Key Vocabulary Routine, Keys to Beginning Reading, Keys to Content Writing, Keys to Early Writing, Understanding Dyslexia, and Adolescent Literacy. Reading. Beginning in 1975, she worked for 23 years at the Landmark School, a pioneer in the development of literacy intervention programs. As a teacher, principal, and director of the Outreach Teacher Training Program at Landmark, Joan developed expertise, methods, and instructional programs that address the literacy needs of students in grades K-12. Joan was one of the three lead trainers in MA for the Reading First Program and was a LETRS author and trainer. Joan received her M.Ed. in Reading from Harvard University and her B.A. from Boston College.